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MIS Breakout Sessions

Gangs 101 Part 1 HANDOUTS.pdf

Gangs 101 Part 2 HANDOUTS.pdf

Legal Issues _x007E_ Final 6.18.2010.ppt

Legal Issues3 HANDOUTS.pdf

Inclusive Services for Students receiving MIS services - 1 HANDOUTS.pdf

Classroom Management for the MIS Teacher HANDOUTS.pdf

Expectation Matrix.doc

Rules (2).doc

Social Skill Strategies dobbs.ppt

Life Skills Breakout Sessions

Lifting Safety HANDOUTS.pdf

Physical Management of SWD part 1 HANDOUTS.pdf *

Physical Management of SWD part 2 HANDOUTS.pdf *

*both parts needed for one session

General Sessions:

Art as Emotion: Presenter: Delores Brazzel, Ed. D.

Art as Emotion workshop.pptx

Art Emotion Lesson Plan 1.ppt

Art as Emotion - lesson plan 2 Renaissance Artist PPT.pptx

Art as Emotion workshop handout.docx

AAE Sample lesson plan.doc

Assistive Technology (EE16) Presenter: Gerry Altieri


Assistive Technology_Presentation_2010 HANDOUTS.pdf

Building Positive Relationships with Parents and Advocates (EE01) Presenter: Marc Hayes

Building Positive Relationships with Parents and Advocates.ppt

Building Positive Relationships with Parents and Advocates HANDOUTS.pdf

Creating Inviting Classrooms: Presenter: Jonathan Bolding

Sped Institute Powerpoint JBolding.pptx

Creating Meaningful Community Experiences for Students (EE02) Presenter: Tracie Warren

Writing effective transition plans.pptx

Writing effective transition plans HANDOUTS.pdf

Differentiated Instruction Work Session

Differentiated instruction Work Session HANDOUTS.pdf

Differentiated Instruction Overview

Empowering Students to Follow the Rules, Make Positive Choices and Practice Self-Control (EE03) Presenter: Dr. Vaughn Hales

EETI - Powepoint for Participants - June 23-24 2010.ppt

Building Community Respect.doc

Child's Apperception of Schools.doc

Classroom Community Obligations.doc

Classroom Reward Chart - Points Earned.doc

Community People are We People.doc

Daily Behavior Report - 5 point - S-T-G- 2010 - TB.doc

Effective Teachers - 2.doc

Examples of Praise.doc

Our Classroom Community Pyramid.doc

Parent Teacher Conference Handout.doc

Symptomatic Behavior Patterns of Difficult to Reach.doc

Teacher Checklist.doc

Teachers Teaching Children About Friendship.doc

Ten Traits of Highly Effective Teachers.doc

The Challenge of Teaching & Raising Children.doc

What is Praise - Poster.doc

Facilitated IEP Process and Procedure (EE05) Presenter: Marc Hayes

Facilitated IEP Process and Procedure.pptx

Facilitated IEP Process and Procedure HANDOUTS.pdf

FBA/BIP (EE06): Presenter: Lynette White

Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans.ppt

Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans HANDOUTS.pdf

AssetFactory.pdf Frequency data sheet














Student Interview Form B.pdf

STUDENT INTERVIEW_form A_revised.pdf

Effective Classroom Practices.pdf

FAST 3.pdf

File Review Sheet.pdf


MAS version 2 page 1.pdf

MAS version 2 page 2.pdf

Parent Interview.pdf

Teacher Interview.pdf

FBA directions.doc

BIP Directions(2).doc

FBA & BIP forms.xlsx

Introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture (EE22) Presenter: Nancy McKinney

Part 1-Introduction To ASL Deaf Weds July 14 HANDOUTS.pdf WEDNESDAY
Part 2-Intro to ASL Deaf Weds July 14 HANDOUTS.pdf WEDNESDAY
Part 1-Intro to ASL-Frid July 16 HANDOUTS.pdf FRIDAY
Part 2-Intro to ASL-Frid July 16 HANDOUTS.pdf FRIDAY

Inclusion Strategies for Autism (EE18) Presenters: Ada Winford & Becky Brewster-Sain

Autism and Inclusion in General Education (2).ppt

Autism and Inclusion in General Education HANDOUTS.pdf

Mental Health and Schools (EE08) Presenter: Marcy Melvin

Full Day Mental Health and Schools June 2010.ppt

Full Day Mental Health and Schools HANDOUTS.pdf

Middle School Math Standards Presenter: Regina Garner

Middle School Math Standards with a New Attitude.ppt

Comparing Volumes of Related Shapes.pdf

Algebra Tiles.pdf

Coordinate Plane Slide.pdf

Coordinate Plane Writing.pdf

Exit Ticket Ideas.pdf

Fraction Dictionary.pdf

General Math Activties.pdf

Geometry Formula Flashcard Foldable.pdf

Graphic Organizer Shapes.pdf

Graphing Equations and Inequalities Foldables.pdf

Great Math Resources.doc

Hurkle Game (Coordinate Plane).pdf

Math (or History) Quilts.pdf

Math Words to Know Foldable.pdf

Millionair Game.pdf

Misleading Graphs.pdf

Order of Operations cheer.pdf

Prime Number Foldable.pdf

Pythagorean Puzzle.pdf

Shuttle Glider.pdf

Slope Foldable.pdf

SOLVE Foldable.pdf

Student Data Sheet.doc

Triangle Inequality Theorem.pdf

Personal Safety and Verbal De-Escalation (EE10) Presenters: Diane Denney & Sheila Northington

****Verbal De.docx****

Restraint Law.pdf

Promoting Social Skills for Students with Autism (EE19) Presenters: Courtney Bouillette & Adrienne Coscia

Teaching Social Interaction Skills to Students with ASD 2.ppt

Teaching Social Interaction Skills to Students with ASD 2 HANDOUTS.pdf

Promoting Positive Behavior in the Classroom (EE11) Presenters: Temple Crutchfield & Jessica Weisenbach

Creating a Classroom Wide Positive Behavior Support System.ppt

Classroom Expectations Lesson Plan_handout.docx (Office 2007 version)

Classroom Expectations Lesson Plan_handout.pdf

(PDF version)

Classroom Expectation Matrix_handout.doc

Elementary - Secondary Reinforcer Menu With Key.doc

Planning My Token Economy_handout.doc

Questions to ask if corrective procedures aren't working_PBS in the classroom_handout.pdf


Ticket Tip Sheet_PBS in the classroom_Handout.doc

Problem Solving using the Model Drawing Strategy from Singapore Math (EE12) Presenter: Julie Martin

Lets Get to Know Each Other!.ppt

8 Step Model Drawing.pptm

Other Examples.ppt

Answsers rubric references.pdf

problem set.pdf


Strategies for Teaching Algebra (EE13) Presenter: Angela Gibbs

Structuring the Low Incidence Classroom (EE17) Presenters: Krista McAtee & Amanda Wells

Structured Teaching.ppt

Structured Teaching Handouts BW.pdf

Teaching 101 (EE14) Presenters: Dr. San Luster, Michelle Lepley, & Kassie Williams

Teaching 101 Final.ppt

Teaching 101 HANDOUTS.pdf

Transition 101 (EE21) Presenters: Karen Curry & Kate Deitzer

Transition 101.ppt

Transition 101 HANDOUTS.pdf

Parent Guide to Transition.doc

SOP Instructions.doc

Student Transition Portfolio.pub

Transition and Indicator 13.doc

Transition Requirements Checklist Revised 2009.doc

Writing Transition Goals and Objectives.docx (Office 2007 version)

Writing Transition Goals and Objectives.pdf (PDF version)

The Exceptional Education Teacher as a Teacher Leader(EE15) Presenter: Miriam Harrington

teacher leadership.ppt

teacher leadership HANDOUTS.pdf

Understanding the Disability Areas (EE20) Presenters: Lisa Bilton, Tanuel Ford, & Kim Mountjoy

Sped Institute IDEA Disabilities FINAL.ppt